To achieve quality forage, you need to get the most out of your machinery. Innovation that will drive performance up and efficiency that won’t let you down. As a manufacturer of industry-leading agricultural implements, KUHN’s comprehensive range equips farmers to go further, from crop management to forage production, and livestock to landscape maintenance.

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The growing demand for quality forage has resulted in the development of specialist machinery

Preserving the quality of baled silage means achieving a tight seal and sufficient wrap to reduce the risk of air ingress during transport and storage. By efficiently harvesting and conserving the feed, we can minimise impurity levels, while maximising energy content, nutritional value and palatability. KUHN offers real solutions to improve productivity and ensure the future sustainability of livestock farming.

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Adapting to the

Mowing too short brings a high risk of trapping soil particles and impurities in the harvested forage, which can compromise good storage properties and negatively affect the nutritional feed value.

Baling the grass properly can be a huge challenge, particularly in periods of wet weather, and the economic impact of soil contamination can be considerable. With quality losses during storage and increased heating in the bale, extra concentrates need to be added and the forage can become less palatable, leading to reduced efficiencies in milk and meat production.

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Forget the net,

KUHN’s advanced technology has changed the way we bind bales for the better. Rather than adopting the traditional and most common approach of binding in net, we developed a film binding method using plastic wrap. As the bale is tighter and more airtight, mould has less chance to develop. There are also more protective layers to improve silage quality, with a recent pressure test indicating that it takes air 160 seconds longer to permeate film bound bales than ones wrapped by net.

Advantages of film binding:

  • Tighter, more compactly wrapped bales with better protection due to more layers
  • Improved silage quality preservation due to the additional oxygen barrier
  • Improved fermentation process
  • No silage is caught between the net – no feed losses
  • More nutrition per bale – up to 15L milk per bale extra
  • More efficient storage due to improved bale shape
  • Only 1 waste material that can be recycled together – unlike net material that goes into landfill
  • Easier to open

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Working remotely for hours on end doesn’t have to mean you’re on your own. KUHN’s dealer network is committed to keeping the farming community connected and working alongside you, whenever you need us.

Although our popular farming events calendar has changed to reflect the current global conditions, we can still safely show you our latest developments by arranging product demos, as well as bring farmers together virtually to share stories and discuss individual foraging challenges.