10-11-2020 | media

Film binding now available on VBP BalePack

Optimal silage quality at the lowest costs

The KUHN VBP  3100 series Variable Chamber Baler-Wrapper Combination offers high versatility all year round. Now this baler-wrapper can be equipped with the patented* KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system, which makes the machine even more versatile in silage conditions. This unique 2-reel film binding system is already a proven concept on KUHN Fixed Chamber baler-wrappers and ensures the highest silage quality at the lowest costs.

Film binding costs reduced by up to 37%

Using regular wrapping film enables customers to benefit from a lower purchase price and to use a much higher pre-stretch ratio compared to conventional wide film binding systems. Moreover, the processing time is optimised as the starting and end string are as short as possible. This reduces the film binding costs by up to 37% and extends the intervals for changing film reels by another 30%

Optimal user-friendliness

The customer’s inventory management is facilitated by using regular stretch-film. Thanks to the limited weight per roll, they are easy to handle. This, combined with the low lifting height and the user-friendly film roll holding system, makes the exchange of film rolls on the VBP 3100 series an easy job. The film and net binding systems are two separate systems, which enable the operator to carry both film and net at the same time. Switching between the two is quick and easy – there is no need to change rolls and there are no tools needed.

Maximum reliability

Every detail of the VBP 3100 series variable bale chamber is adapted for film binding with maximum reliability. The starting string of the film ensures secure binding and a reliable start-up, resulting in minimum downtime. From being pulled in as a string, the film quickly reaches the full width of the bale.

Why film binding?

When producing round silage bales, more and more often film binding is preferred over traditional net binding. Film binding provides tighter, more compactly wrapped bales with better protection around the circumference of the bale. The additional oxygen barrier guarantees better silage quality and the improved bale shape enables more efficient storage. There are also many practical benefits for the farmer. A film bound bale means easy unwrapping, even during frost periods. There is no collection of silage in between the wrap so no feed is lost. Lastly, these bales make waste management more efficient; there is no net and film to be separated, all the plastic film can be recycled together.

*Patent or patent pending in one or more countries.