24-05-2020 | media


KUHN Farm Machinery has extended its range of diet feeders with cross-conveyor feeding with the addition of triple vertical auger models.

The three vertical augers, along with the polygonal shape of the hopper interior, are specifically designed to achieve rapid break-up of whole bales. Augers are designed with a continuous spiral and are fitted with seven knives with asymmetric teeth that have a self-cleaning effect. The auger knives work against two counter knives for faster chopping and optimum mixing.

All Euromix 3 CL models are included with an anti-overflow ring, increasing the height of the hopper to help prevent the loss of coarse and fibrous fodder during the chopping phases.

Feed distribution is via a large clearance hatch to the right or left of the machine and a broad cross-conveyor with a hydraulic motor at each end. The PVC belt structure of the conveyor ensures a quiet and efficient feed-out and easy maintenance. Rear discharger is also an option, to the right or left of the machine.

Euromix 3 CL models have programmable weighing as standard, allowing pre-set mixing times, storage of ingredients and rations in the system memory, and the accurate control of rationing.

Kuhn’s Intellimix advanced mixer control system is an option on all models. A recipient of a silver award in the Livestock Innovation category at LAMMA in 2020, the system works via a continuously variable transmission that is integrated into the tractor controls through ISOBUS. This allows a reduction in start-up torque by up to 50% and – through automated changes to auger speeds in response to loading – optimises the use of power throughout the mixing and feeding process.

With opening and closing of the hopper door automatically triggering the switch between auto-mix and auto-feed modes, and with auger speed able to be pre-set in relation to varying conditions in the hopper, the operation is fully automated and requires no operator intervention.