17-12-2020 | media


KUHN Farm Machinery has launched a shallow soil cultivator designed specifically for the mechanical breakdown and incorporation into soils of cover crops, other plant residues and organic manures.

The EL Biomulch is a development within KUHN’s established EL Cultitiller range and is aimed at farms seeking to improve soil organic matter levels through the increased use of cover crops and organic fertilisers.

It has the potential to reduce the need for plant desiccating agrochemicals and can aid incorporation for bio-fumigation and have a role in cultivating grassland for renewal or following crops. The EL Biomulch is currently available in a 3 metre working width format, designed to work at up to 10km/hr and is suitable for tractors up to 160hp. It can be particularly effective in combination with a front mounted shredder when working in tall and dense cover crops.

The rotor on the EL Biomulch is fitted with 72 angled blades that ensure the machine fulfils a complete mulching operation across the full working width. These blades have a 95 degree angle to maximise the effectiveness of root and plant residue destruction whilst avoiding soil smearing and crust formation. 

The EL Biomulch is designed to operate within the top 3 to 5cm of the soil, with the working depth controlled by four adjustable wheels at the front of the machine. Adjustments can be made from either side of the machine and depth gauges are fitted to ensure the machine is always set level.

The EL Biomulch’s hydraulically adjustable hood allows close control of the finish and can be operated from the tractor cab. The machine can be used with the hood fully closed for increased safety when working near public spaces.

Designed to the same mechanical specification as KUHN’s established EL Cultitillers, the EL Biomulch has a heavy duty Duplex gearbox and adjustable rotor speeds to allow adaption for different applications.